GLC Mission Partners

GLC will SERVE... alongside and with trusted partners who are true believers in Jesus Christ, fully submitted to His Lordship and the Word of God. They each embrace the Mission, Vision, and Values of GLC.

Individuals who co-labor with GLC

Wm. Robert Johnston, Ph.D., USA

Curator, Johnston's Archive

Leading expert on worldwide abortion data

Isabel Maria Salazar, Ecuador


Family & Life

Policy Expert

Brad Mattes, USA


Life Issues Institute

Richard Sempala, Uganda

CEO, Africa Life Youth Foundation

Fr. Jonathan Opio, Uganda

Director, Human Life International Uganda

Jakki Jeffs, Ontario, Canada 

Executive Director,

Alliance For Life Ontario

Kabaale Abel Peterson, Uganda


Afrikan Life Campaign

ALC website

Is this you?

Send Thomas Jacobson a message stating your interest in partnership. Global Life Campaign.

Organizations who co-labor with GLC

* GLC Federal Campaign

* Abortion Worldwide Report cosponsor

* GLC Federal Campaign

Raul Reyes, USA

* Training Partner


* GLC Federal Campaign

* International Day of Prayer to End Abortion