10 Prayer Events During Founding of USA

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On a human level, there is no way that the American Colonies, which became the United States of America in 1776, should ever have won the War for Independence (1775-1783) against Great Britain.  But they did!  Three of the most important factors in their victory were:  

  1. Honoring GOD publicly and putting their reliance foremost upon Him, and stating so at the risk of their lives in the Declaration of Independence; 
  2. Endeavoring, even though not perfectly or fully, to build society, government, and the nation upon the Word of GOD and faith in Him; and 
  3. Holding many days of prayer, fasting, and humiliation to confess their personal and national sins, and to seek the favor and interposition of the LORD.  

Regarding the days of humiliation, fasting and prayer, did you know that the Congress and General George Washington called for such days 10 times during the War for Independence? 

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