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Foundations for Life #8: Scientific & Medical Evidence of Humanity of the Baby in the Womb

From moment of fertilization, a rapid development process begins forming all the cells, tissues, organs, muscles, and bones of a unique human boy or girl, provided there is no intervention to stop.

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Foundations for Life #5: 5 Spheres of Authority & Responsibility

There are 5 God-given spheres of authority and responsibility.  When these are honored and respected, there is freedom, peace, good order, and things go well.  Wherever violated, problems occur.  

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True Manhood: 12 Aspects from Genesis 1-5

Manhood is under unprecedented assault causing self-destruction of families and society. Here are 12 aspects of noble manhood given in Genesis 1-5.

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Foundations for Life #6: Righteousness & Justice

These characteristics of righteousness and justice in Scripture are intertwined and inseparable, providing fixed standards by which we can live in right relationship to GOD and one another.

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Foundations for Life #7: 8 Universal Truths about The Sanctity of Human Life

Here are 8 Universal Truths about the Sanctity of Human Life, including that GOD knows each person before conception and forms each baby in his mother's womb.

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Foundations for Life #9: Human Rights & the Right to Life

It is time to recover again the self-evident and universal truths about human rights and the right to life.  Here are Seven Universal Principles for Discerning and Protecting Inherent Human Rights.  

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France First Nation in World to Guarantee Abortion in its Constitution

To protect a woman’s “right” to abortion, France became the first nation to create a constitutional "guarantee" for women to intentionally take the lives of their own babies.

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